What is PMS?


PMS is defined as the physical symptoms of mental and emotional appearing about a week before menstruation and disappear or are reduced on the second day of the menstrual cycle, symptoms can manifest migraine hormonal, skin rashes, acne, bloating or breast congestion, edema, irritability, palpitations (pounding heart), insomnia sleep, depression, anxiety attacks, stopping your period, hypersensitivity, mood swings, abdominal pain radiated to the back and the footrest ….

According to Chinese medicine it is: the stagnation of liver fleet that can cause depression and other nervous migraines, lack of spleen and kidney yang manifested edema, and sensitivity to cold diarrhea or kidney yin deficiency manifested, for example, insomnia or night sweats.
Chinese medicine brings quick and effective solutions:
You can solve the problem in acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Recommended herbs:
1) Chinese angelica (DONG QUAI)

One of the many alias for the plant is “female ginseng” awarded to him on any activity that balances and nourishes the female hormonal system, it is used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years to relieve menstrual cramps and PMS symptoms known about this medicine is classified as an “empowering Blood” (BLOOD TONIC)

Therapeutic action:
Mazen nutrient hormonal system, strengthens female reproductive organs, stimulates bile, warming, stimulating gastric, immune activator, promoter – regulates menstrual cycle, estrogen promotes a bitter, aromatic, mild laxative, improves peripheral blood flow, improves the yield of breast milk, anti-spasm (womb), an anticoagulant.

Pregnancy: Do not first six months of pregnancy.


A study published in Biomed Pharmacother reported a decrease in the number of migraine attacks (menstrual) while the daily intake of formula contains 60 mg of isoflavones, Chinese angelica 100mg and 50 mg of black cohosh for 24 weeks. The influence of angelica as a single plant is clear and further studies are needed 0.5
A study conducted at Tz’angdo Traditional Chinese Medicine in China, Chinese angelica examined the effect of blood flow volume and the presence of prostaglandin F2 alpha in patients suffering from cramps, the previous study found that women with dysmenorrhea had poor blood circulation and a high level of the prostaglandin. Angelica giving three months back blood flow and prostaglandin levels in the normal range.


How to create an equal relationship


Unequal relationship is any relationship in which one party controls one side dominated, leading one side and one side is led, one party makes the decisions and dictates other side had to accept the situation and get him reluctantly.

In the past, most of the relationships were unequal in favor of men. Today, there are quite a few relationships where women are precisely those that control while the man led and controlled. Interestingly, most people – men and women – do not like and not really interested in relationships based on equality not control, but rather a relationship of equals, more humane and decent.

 No one wants to be controlled at

No one really wants to be controlled him, rob him of his inner perfection, will dictate to him what to do and raped him what he hates and loves. Unequal relationship status is such a constant and daily basis, so people actually prefer a humane and egalitarian relationship, although sometimes this kind of relationship is not so well known. As a result, people often miss their chance to create their own egalitarian relationships and enjoy its fruits because they interpret any situation where they do not get exactly what they want castration, repression, humiliation or waiver is not fair.

Equally important to understand that intimacy is based on the principle that each spouse is really – not if – equal among equals. As a principle of equality – there is a situation where one spouse can break the rules, threaten or eliminate the rights of the other party in any case or under any pretext.

Integrity and personal dignity are the basis for unequal relationship

No egalitarian relationships up and no down – both partners are equal. Therefore, it is impossible to hit, you can not and can not be forced – but respectful dialogue can and members from human and equal.

As a result, there is no need for threats in the relationship, not necessary manipulations, there is no need officiously and not necessary aggressiveness or obsequiously. Truly equal partners can negotiate, productive dialogue and thinking together without fear of each other, without fear, without victims or bullying, without threatening or violent.

How to teach your child to be clean?


Is the child’s room looks like after a battle? Do you repeatedly encounter your child’s belongings around the house? Is this a losing battle, or you can teach kids to be organized?

Organized this inborn trait is affected education and the environment of the child, so do not worry-you can improve it and develop it through personal example and education right.
Order physical environment affects the order at the top and in life in general and the ability to arrange and organize better help us in different areas of life, at home, at school and at work.

Set a personal example – most influential thing, make sure to arrange the domestic space in front of the children, explain to them what you are doing and be sure to do it consistently.

Share your kids involved in sequencing have made the arrangement with the children at play.

Responsibility – presented the major task of arrangement and give the child the responsibility of arranging space / certain items regularly. As children grow up made the room arrangement of their responsibilities. On no account can get her used to kids you collect them. Also do not make the room arrangement subject to debate or war. Set limits Brurim- if they want the room cleaned them keep him organized.

Everything has its place- it is important to define for everything in its place so the whole family can return the objects in place and find them when needed. The game objects children and preferably stored in separate storage according to types (dolls, cars) and colors and place them child-height so children can be part of restoring everything back.

Htargnot- order process can also enter the network evening and morning. Teach your kids to make their case and their clothes the night before. Organization for the benefit of the children in the morning prepared with a list of tasks they must perform before leaving home (and hung it in an accessible place) -lhtlbs, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, put the food bag, put shoes / coat and then you can leave the atmosphere of peace and tranquility instead of the usual pressure.